Johnnie To’s Top 10

Johnnie To’s Top10

Prolific Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To has directed more than forty films, including Election, Exiled, and Mad Detective. His latest, Vengeance, is currently in some North American theaters, from IFC Films.

Jun 17, 2010
  • 1

    Akira Kurosawa

    Seven Samurai

    The opening scene, with the horses, is one of the best ever. It always mesmerizes me.

  • 2

    Akira Kurosawa

    High and Low

    It has a great setup, great characters, and a great theme. Kurosawa’s vision raised the film to another level.

  • 3

    Sam Peckinpah

    Straw Dogs

    Sam Peckinpah and Dustin Hoffman at their best. The rape scene is horrific and haunting.

  • 4

    Masaki Kobayashi


    The first view of the sword sent chills through my spine.

  • 5

    Jean-Pierre Melville

    Le samouraï

    This film gave birth to the cool hit man archetype.

  • 6

    Jean-Pierre Melville

    Le cercle rouge

    It contains a Buddhist concept that is echoed in some of my own works. Here we see three heroes caught in a unique situation where their friendship matters more than anything else.

  • 7

    Wong Kar Wai

    In the Mood for Love

    It’s a film with great flavors. I wish it would just play on and on.

  • 8

    Terry Gilliam


    An abstract and strange world. A view of what we all may become one day.

  • 9

    Bernardo Bertolucci

    The Last Emperor

    It’s almost surreal to see Chinese costume drama performed with English dialogue!

  • 10

    Akira Kurosawa


    A film that combines the sitcom and the samurai film.