Anna Sui’s Top 10

Anna Sui’s Top10

Since presenting her first runway show in 1991, fashion designer Anna Sui has transformed her singular sensibility into a clothing empire. Now a fashion icon whose designs can be found all over the world, her distinctive style is eclectic, vibrant, and always evolving. And that eccentric spirit is captured in the films Sui loves, their aesthetics ranging from meticulous compositions of elegant beauty (Last Year at Marienbad) to displays of rock-and-roll anarchy (Gimme Shelter).

Jun 30, 2016
  • 1

    Alain Resnais

    Last Year at Marienbad

    This haunting, surreal film is one of my absolute favorites, shot outside Munich in the rococo splendors of the Nymphenburg Palace and the Amalienburg. Delphine Seyrig looks so chic in her Chanel wardrobe.

  • 2

    Marco Ferreri

    Dillinger Is Dead

    I love anything with Anita Pallenberg in it. Even if she is asleep through most of the movie!

  • 3

    Max Ophuls

    Lola Montès

    My favorite Max Ophuls film. I love the swirling camera that mirrors the circus ring, and the ring of life. The story of Lola Montès (Martine Carol) and her many conquests, reenacted as a circus performance, narrated by ringmaster Peter Ustinov. It concludes with a death-defying plunge into a tub of water to symbolize her ultimate fall from grace.

  • 4

    Jean-Luc Godard

    Band of Outsiders

    I loved this movie so much that it inspired me to re-create the café dance scene with Anna Karina, Claude Brasseur, and the gorgeous Sami Frey, as the opening tableau to my fall 2014 fashion show.

  • 5

    Jean Vigo


    Although this movie portrays the very real and gritty life on a river barge, there is something so poetic in it. You’ll never forget the contrast between Père Jules (Michel Simon)—who can puff smoke from a cigarette out of the face tattooed around his belly button—and the romantic belief of Juliette (Dita Parlo) that you can see the image of your true love in water.

  • 6

    Jean Renoir

    Grand Illusion

    I love Renoir’s films for the great storytelling in which he always incorporates social commentary. My favorite scene is between Captain de Boeldieu (Pierre Fresnay) and Captain von Rauffenstein (Erich von Stroheim) as they discuss the gentleman’s code of gentlemen’s honor, and how their time as the elite class is passing.

  • 7

    David Maysles, Albert Maysles, and Charlotte Zwerin

    Gimme Shelter

    As if the Stones music isn’t enough, the fashions are right up there too! Mick in his omega T-shirt and concho pants, and his black-and-red Ossie Clark “Sympathy for the Devil” shirt, or in his white suit with a red scarf, on his way to Muscle Shoals. And Keith’s Nudie the Tailor red-beaded jacket. Rock-and-roll dreams are made of this!

  • 8

    Nicolas Roeg

    The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The beauty of David Bowie is staggering throughout, in spite of him reportedly doing a ton of coke during the filming.

  • 9

    Max Ophuls

    The Earrings of Madame de . . .

    My second-favorite Max Ophuls film. He loved the chain of life, where everything swirls around, just like the beautiful heart-shaped earrings of the title, as they pass from hand to hand. The opulence of the belle époque story is reflected in Madame de’s sumptuous Venetian glass dressing table mirror, and all the opulent settings throughout the film.

  • 10

    Federico Fellini

    Juliet of the Spirits

    One of Fellini’s masterpieces. I particularly love the Piero Gherardi sets and Bri-Nylon costumes that add to the fantasy and frivolity of the outlandishly dressed women. The story parodies the marriage of Fellini and his wife Giulietta Masina (who plays Juliet).