Nicolas Winding Refn’s Top 10

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Top10

Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is the director of the Pusher Trilogy, Fear X, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, and Drive, for which he won the best director prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Photo by Kia Hartelius

Oct 25, 2011
  • 1

    Tokyo Drifter

    Seijun Suzuki

    Unique, brilliant, fantastic! I love this movie!

  • 2

    The Battle of Algiers

    Gillo Pontecorvo

    I was twenty-four years old when I made my first film, Pusher (about the Danish drug underworld), and for it I stole everything I could, both visually and technically, from this film and Cannibal Holocaust.

  • 3


    Carl Th. Dreyer

    Vampyr has always reminded me of a mysterious dream I once had when I was very little. The film has always stayed with me. I watch it before I make every film, and yet it still remains a mystery to me.

  • 4

    The Night of the Hunter

    Charles Laughton

    The Night of the Hunter is a perfect example of the strength of cinema, in which an image can say a thousand words, whereas in literature a word cannot show a thousand images.

  • 5


    David Cronenberg

    This film is a great mixture of sex and violence.

  • 6

    Flesh for Frankenstein

    Paul Morrissey

    Flesh for Frankenstein is the only film I’ve ever wished that I had made.

  • 7

    Sweet Smell of Success

    Alexander Mackendrick

    In its perfect combination of directing, writing, cinematography, music, sound, and acting, this film is pure cinema.

  • 8

    My Life as a Dog

    Lasse Hallström

    I saw this film with my mother when I was very young. It’s the only movie aside from It’s a Wonderful Life during which I’ve cried because I was happy.

  • 9

    Beauty and the Beast

    Jean Cocteau

  • 10

    Branded to Kill

    Seijun Suzuki