Kiss Me Deadly Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly

Robert Aldrich

Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion Blu-Ray)


1 Disc

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  • United States
  • 1955
  • 106 minutes
  • Black and White
  • 1.66:1
  • English
  • Spine #568

In this atomic adaptation of Mickey Spillane’s novel, directed by Robert Aldrich, the good manners of the 1950s are blown to smithereens. Ralph Meeker stars as snarling private dick Mike Hammer, whose decision one dark, lonely night to pick up a hitchhiking woman sends him down some terrifying byways. Brazen and bleak, Kiss Me Deadly is a film noir masterwork as well as an essential piece of cold war paranoia, and it features as nervy an ending as has ever been seen in American cinema.


Mike HammerRalph Meeker
Dr. SoberinAlbert Dekker
Carl EvelloPaul Stewart
Eddie YeagerJuano Hernandez
NickNick Dennis
Pat MurphyWesley Addy
FridayMarion Carr
VeldaMaxine Cooper
ChristinaCloris Leachman
CarverGaby Rodgers


DirectorRobert Aldrich
ProducerRobert Aldrich
Executive producerVictor Saville
ScreenplayA. I. Bezzerides
Music composed and conducted byFrank DeVol
Orchestrations byAlbert Harris
MakeupBob Schiffer
Casting supervisorJack Murton
SoundJack Solomon
Assistant to the producerRobert Sherman
Assistant directorRobert Justman
EditingMichael Luciano
Set decoratorHoward Bristol
Art directorWilliam Glasgow
Production supervisorJack R. Berne
Photographed byErnest Laszlo
“Rather Have the Blues” sung byNat “King” Cole

Disc Features

  • New high-definition restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
  • Audio commentary by film noir specialists Alain Silver and James Ursini
  • New video tribute from director Alex Cox
  • Excerpts from The Long Haul of A. I. Bezzerides, a 2005 documentary on the Kiss Me Deadly screenwriter
  • Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane, a 1998 documentary about the life and work of the author
  • Video pieces on the film’s locations
  • Controversial altered ending
  • Theatrical trailer
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by critic J. Hoberman and a 1955 reprint by director Robert Aldrich

    New cover by F. Ron Miller


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