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Working Memory: A Conversation with Sophy Romvari

Working Memory: A Conversation with Sophy Romvari

In her 2020 short film Still Processing, the Canadian director Sophy Romvari captures herself in a moment of vulnerability as she sifts through family photographs spread out on a table like rose petals. The scene—a reckoning with the past through an encounter with images—exemplifies the deeply personal nature of Romvari’s work, which often uses her memories and experiences as raw material to explore questions of trauma and identity.

The daughter of Hungarian immigrants, Romvari—though she didn’t originally set out to be a filmmaker—builds upon her family’s multigenerational relationship to the medium: her father was a cinematographer before moving to Canada, and her grandfather was a celebrated production designer on several classic Hungarian movies, including István Szabó’s Mephisto (1981). Romvari grapples with her lineage in shorts like Nine Behind and Remembrance of József Romvári, retroactively forging connections between herself and her estranged grandfather.

Top of page: Still Processing; above: Remembrance of József Romvári
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Still Processing

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