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Beatrice Loayza

Beatrice Loayza is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. She is a contributing film critic for the New York Times, and her work has appeared in the Guardian, 4Columns, Film Comment, the Nation, and other publications.

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The Heroic Trio / Executioners: To the Power of Three

Combining the influence of the wuxia genre, the Hong Kong New Wave filmmaking of the 1980s, and loony comic-book futurism, these two ass-kicking fantasias are dazzling showcases of female physicality.

By Beatrice Loayza

Chantal Akerman, 1968–1978: The Weight of Being

In the first ten years of her extraordinary career, the Belgian filmmaker used the raw materials of quotidian, marginal lives to spark a radical reinvention of cinema.

By Beatrice Loayza

The Wet Dreams and Twisted Politics of Erotic Thrillers

Combining elements of soft-core porn and film noir, one of the most popular Hollywood genres of the 1980s and ’90s captured the fraught aspirationalism and sexual mores of the era.

By Beatrice Loayza

Decolonizing Australian Cinema: A Conversation with Warwick Thornton

The director of Samson and Delilah and Sweet Country discusses his formative artistic encounters, his eclectic professional background, and on-screen Indigenous representation.

By Beatrice Loayza


An Enigma Made Flesh: Delphine Seyrig in Golden Eighties

In her last significant film role, the art-house icon reveals an emotional vulnerability previously hidden by her ethereal persona.

By Beatrice Loayza

Working Memory: A Conversation with Sophy Romvari

With a collection of her films now available on the Criterion Channel, the director behind Still Processing discusses the radically personal nature of her work.

By Beatrice Loayza

Alphabet Soup: A Conversation with Topaz Jones and rubberband.

The filmmakers behind Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma talk about finding inspiration in the Black ABCs, an 1970s educational resource that gave Black students a letter chart reflective of their experiences.

By Beatrice Loayza

Mothers and Daughters: A Conversation with Mariana Saffon

The director of the award-winning short Between You and Milagros, now playing on the Criterion Channel, talks about her personal connection to the film’s portrait of tense familial bonds.

By Beatrice Loayza

Lessons in Liberation: Ephraim Asili on the Films That Shaped Him

The director of The Inheritance discusses a series he has curated for the Criterion Channel, which spotlights radical films that inspire him and disrupt the status quo.

By Beatrice Loayza

Céline and Julie Go Boating: State of Play

Drawing on influences ranging from classic Hollywood to cartoons, Jacques Rivette’s uncategorizable masterpiece plunges viewers into a world shaped by the friendship and imagination shared by two soul sisters.

By Beatrice Loayza