Did You See This?

The Warner Bros. Logo, Meryl Streep’s Many Accents, Antonioni and Robbe-Grillet

• The history of Warner Bros. Pictures in logos

Mark Harris goes to war.

• Steven Soderbergh does the Psycho mash.

Wes Anderson introduces his films, and Fantastic Mr. Fox inspires obsession.

• Colin MacCabe on Derek Jarman

• Of Gravity and the body

• So many Meryls, so many voices

• Stunning Stanley Kubrick photos 

I, pelican, moviemaker

• A twist on Spalding Gray’s anatomy

• Michelangelo Antonioni and Alain Robbe-Grillet—two modernists speak.

• If Saul Bass designed this year’s Oscar nominees’ posters

• Ivan Reitman remembers Harold Ramis.

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