Did You See This?

The Story of Hoop Dreams, How to Use Front-Screen Projection, Oscar Nods

Short Takes — Jan 17, 2014

• A Hoop Dreams oral history

• Martin Scorsese and Wong Kar-wai—two legends chatting

Thelma Schoonmaker goes long.

• A comic turn from J. Hoberman

• The total Jerry Lewis

• A lost Fassbinder–Schlöndorff collaboration resurfaces.

• The year of Ennio Morricone begins.

• Shall we dance?

• Old News is good news from Chantal Akerman.

• Do it old-school, front-screen style.

• Metamorphosing with David Cronenberg

• Congrats, Oscar nominees—especially Criterion directors Alfonso Cuarón, Steve McQueen, Martin Scorsese, and Paolo Sorrentino!

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