Did You See This?

Hitchcock’s Magazine Feature, a Cardboard Fitzcarraldo, Early Head Shots

• A rare Hitchcock photo film

Fitzcardboardaldo—the title doesn’t do it justice.

• A tip of the hat and a fist in the pocket to Lou Castel

Richard Linklater and James Benning together at last—with your help

• Shots of the young and the hopeful

The comeback king from Marvin Gardens

Haunted by Hunter

• Guillermo del Toro’s love for The Devil’s Backbone

New designs for classic movies

• A new angle on American cinema and the Nazi menace

• James Lipton, going way outside the Actors Studio

John and Gena, the ultimate power couple

• . . . with some fava beans and a nice Chianti (slurping sounds optional)

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