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Fifty Great Openings, Silent Hitchcock, Appreciating Scorsese

Fifty awesome openers—but ’s the best of all.

• Pam Grier, Federico Fellini, and fried pigeon—all in one story

Restored silent Hitchcock coming our way

• The incredible true adventures of Budd Schulberg and Leni Riefenstahl

Cannes 2013 poster revealed

• Tilda Swinton always did have a Ziggy Stardust quality . . .

Mike Leigh has a wide new canvas.

• Bogdanovich on underestimating Lubitsch

Thumbs, not guns

Falling in love with Scorsese all over again

• The indescribable joys of slow motion

• Drifting with Dreyer’s Vampyr

• A different kind of reading adventure

Carney knowledge from Mark Rappaport

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