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Isabel Sandoval’s Closet Picks

The multitalented auteur selects a few all-time favorites that reflect her bold cinematic style, as well as a number of movies she’s excited to see for the first time.

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The Criterion Channel’s May 2021 Lineup

In this packed month of programming, we celebrate the work of Gena Rowlands, Satyajit Ray, Dalton Trumbo, Mitchell Leisen, and other luminaries.

10 Things I Learned: Memories of Murder

The producer of our edition of this unnerving procedural shares details about director Bong Joon Ho’s approach to visual style, his commitment to verisimilitude, and the lengths to which actor Kim Sang Kyung went in order to portray his character.

By Curtis Tsui

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The Criterion Channel’s April 2021 Lineup

Next month, we’re upping the ante with a collection of some of the greatest films ever made about the pulse-racing highs and gutter-dwelling lows of gambling.

James L. Brooks’s Closet Picks

The director of Broadcast News and Terms of Endearment paid us a visit and talked about some of his comedy favorites, from Oscar Wilde to Albert Brooks.

World of Wong Kar Wai: Director’s Note

Many of the films in this box set are presented in new versions that feature adjustments prompted by the restoration process. Here Wong explains what compelled him to make these changes.

The Adventure of Illustrating Céline and Julie

The Brooklyn-based artist behind the look of our edition of Jacques Rivette’s masterpiece reflects on her playful yet meticulous process.

By Lauren Tamaki

Azazel Jacobs’s Top 10

The director shares some of the films that have helped guide his creative process and inspired his approach to his latest movie, French Exit.

An Indonesian Classic in a New Light: A Conversation on the Landmark Restoration of After the Curfew

Two key figures in the pathbreaking project, Lisabona Rahman and Lintang Gitomartoyo, discuss its significance for Indonesian cinema, the challenges they faced while working on it, and the legacy of the film’s director, Usmar Ismail.

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The Criterion Channel’s March 2021 Lineup

Giddy up, movie lovers! This month on the Channel, our Black Westerns series leads the charge, highlighting films that have challenged the myths of the Old West to tell the stories of African Americans on the frontier.

Studio Visits

An Inside Look at Brooklyn-Based Artist Juan Miguel Marin’s Meditative Process

The man behind the artwork for our releases of The Cremator, Man Push Cart, and Chop Shop talks with us about how his Ecuadorian roots and his love of performance inform his enigmatic images.

The Intricate Portraiture at the Heart of Our Mandabi Release

New York–based artist Ify Chiejina walks us through the multifaceted process of creating four new pieces inspired by Ousmane Sembène’s 1968 satire.

By Eric Skillman

Lili Horvát’s Top 10

The director of Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time chooses a selection of masterpieces that shaped her desire to become a filmmaker.

Remembering Giuseppe Rotunno, a Gentle Maestro

Criterion’s technical director pays tribute to the late, great cinematographer, who worked in both Italy and the U.S., and whose brilliant eye and warm personality were well known in the film world.

By Lee Kline

10 Things I Learned: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

This portrait of the legendary singer-songwriter on tour in 1975 was nearly a decade in the making. The producer of our just-released edition takes a close look at the special period in Dylan’s career that the film captures.

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The Criterion Channel’s February 2021 Lineup

We’re thrilled to be celebrating Black History Month with spotlights on Gordon Parks, Ruby Dee, Madeline Anderson, William Greaves, Bill Duke, and other acclaimed filmmakers.

The Problem-Solving Artist Behind Our Amores perros Cover

Internationally renowned artist Pedro Reyes shares his inspirations for this new piece, including a Mexican stone carving and the poster for Jaws.

By Eric Skillman

Matthew Modine’s Closet Picks

During a trip to our offices, the actor reminisced about working with legendary directors like Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick.

The Gift of Room Tone

One of our editors made this as a gift for the Criterion community. We hope you enjoy it!

By Daniel Reis

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The Criterion Channel’s January 2021 Lineup

The stars are aligned for the first month of the New Year, with programs spotlighting icons of the screen like Jane Fonda, Peter Sellers, and Raj Kapoor.

Carrie Coon’s Top 10

The Emmy- and Tony-nominated actor chooses a list of favorites with an emphasis on unforgettable female performances.

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The Criterion Channel’s December 2020 Lineup

As the year draws to a close, we’re serving up blasts from Hollywood’s past, visions of an Afrofuturist world, and much more.

Pietro Marcello’s Top 10

The director of Martin Eden chooses a selection of films dear to his heart, including classics that made a deep impression on him in childhood.

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The Criterion Channel’s November 2020 Lineup

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re grateful to the preservationists who keep film history alive. This month is packed with some revelatory restorations from The Film Foundation, in celebration of its thirtieth birthday.