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Andrew Bujalski’s Top 10

The writer-director of Computer Chess and Support the Girls lets his eye and heart wander freely through our collection, and gives us a list of some films he admires.

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The Criterion Channel’s September 2023 Lineup

This month’s programming dives into the sinister side of adolescence, the pleasures of the open road, and the best of period noir.

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The Criterion Channel’s August 2023 Lineup

Next month, we’re celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of hip-hop and featuring collections of films by Kay Francis, Roger Corman, and Lou Ye.

Celine Song’s Top 10

The director of Past Lives shares a list of favorite films, many of which reflect her background in theater and her interest in the smallness of human life in the face of time and history.

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The Criterion Channel’s July 2023 Lineup

Our latest slate of programs dives into one of science fiction’s favorite themes, the film career of one of rock and roll’s greatest icons, and midcentury pulp from across the Atlantic.

Daisy von Scherler Mayer’s Top 10

The director of Party Girl celebrates two favorite dance films; a classic noir by her favorite director, Billy Wilder; and a pair of comedies written by Edwin Justus Mayer, her grandfather.

Mark Jenkin’s Top 10

The director of Enys Men celebrates the holy trinity of Bergman, Bresson, and Tarkovsky, and expresses his love for films that are narratively simple but thematically complex.

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The Criterion Channel’s June 2023 Lineup

Get in character for a journey through the history of Method acting, a movement that transformed the art of screen performance forever.

Criterion Presents Janus Contemporaries

Starting this fall, Criterion will proudly join Janus Films in presenting Janus Contemporaries, a new line of home-video editions of first-run releases, fresh from theaters, following their streaming premieres on the Criterion Channel.

A. V. Rockwell’s Top 10

The winner of the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival throws the spotlight on filmmakers who have paved the way for the kind of stories she strives to tell.

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The Criterion Channel’s May 2023 Lineup

This month’s highlights include tributes to Jennifer Jason Leigh and Seijun Suzuki and a collection of Asian American films from the 1980s.

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The Criterion Channel’s April 2023 Lineup

Among the highlights are a collection of erotic thrillers, a David Lynch retrospective, and a celebration of the hundredth anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in silent cinema.

Davy Chou’s Top 10

The director of Return to Seoul expresses what he values most in cinema through this selection of ten favorite films.

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The Criterion Channel’s March 2023 Lineup

Among the highlights this month is a series celebrating Oscar nominee Michelle Yeoh, an international star who began her career as one of Hong Kong cinema’s fiercest action heroes.

Marie Kreutzer’s Top 10

One of Austria’s most lauded contemporary directors chooses some of her favorite movies, including a few that made a profound impression on her in film school.

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The Criterion Channel’s February 2023 Lineup

Celebrate Black History Month with a collection of films that survey African American history on-screen, a look at literary legend James Baldwin’s cinematic legacy, and a retrospective devoted to the independent trailblazer Oscar Micheaux.

Kazuo Ishiguro’s Top 10

The Nobel Prize–winning novelist shares a list of films that illuminate his artistic sensibility, including one British classic that inspired him to write his masterpiece The Remains of the Day.

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The Criterion Channel’s January 2023 Lineup

We’re getting real in January with a spotlight on cinema verité, a movement that revolutionized documentary filmmaking.

Nina Menkes’s Top 10

The director of Queen of Diamonds shares a list of favorite films, including uncompromising classics of world cinema that reveal the mysteries of the human condition.

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The Criterion Channel’s December 2022 Lineup

We’re closing out the year with a gift bag full of screwball comedy favorites, a wagon train of wintry westerns, and a World Cup–ready team of eclectic football movies.

Aubrey Plaza’s Top 10

The star of Emily the Criminal and Ingrid Goes West chooses favorite films by John Cassavetes, Ingmar Bergman, and other art-house masters.

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The Criterion Channel’s November 2022 Lineup

Take a stroll down some of film noir’s darkest alleys with our Fox Noir collection and tributes to genre stars John Garfield and Veronica Lake.

Capturing Arsenic and Old Lace, in One Macabre Image

To capture the spirit of Frank Capra’s dark screwball classic, Criterion enlisted a longtime collaborator to create an image that combines the influences of Old Hollywood illustrator Jacques Kapralik and legendary pen-and-ink artist Edward Gorey.

By F. Ron Miller

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The Criterion Channel’s October 2022 Lineup

This October, we’re summoning our demons with an expansive collection of ’80s horror and a roundup of Universal monster movies.