Berlinale 2018 Lineup, Round 5

In just over a week now, the winter festival season will begin as Sundance opens on January 18 to run through the 28th. On January 24, the International Film Festival Rotterdam will open and run through February 4; see the entry on the lineup for all the latest additions.

The sixty-eighth Berlinale follows, running from February 15 through 25, and we’ll get to the lineup update in a moment. First, though, let’s note that SXSW has added Richard Linklater, Olivier Assayas, Melinda Gates, futurist Ray Kurzweil, Westworld showrunners and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and more to the list of speakers for its 2018 edition running from March 9 through 18. Tribeca follows (April 18 through 29), and then, of course, the big one, Cannes, running from May 8 through 19. We haven’t yet mentioned here that Cate Blanchett will be presiding over the jury.

So the Berlinale’s announced that it’ll be welcoming 250 filmmakers from eighty-one countries to its Berlinale Talents program, essentially a very busy series of workshops, masterclasses, and the like. 128 women and 122 men, by the way.

The festival’s also announced the jury and the complete lineup for the Berlinale Shorts program. Filmmakers Diogo Costa Amarante, Jyoti Mistry, and Mark Toscano will be deciding who wins the Golden Bear for Best Short Film, the Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film), and the Audi Short Film Award, and which entry will be the Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards. The lineup:

  • After/Life, directed by Puck Lo, USA, 15’ (World Premiere)
  • Alma Bandida, Marco Antônio Pereira, Brazil, 15’ (WP)
  • And What Is the Summer Saying, Payal Kapadia, India, 23’ (WP)
  • Babylon, Keith Deligero, Philippines, 20’ (International Premiere)
  • Besida, Chuko Esiri, Nigeria, 12’ (WP), out of competition
  • Blau, David Jansen, Germany, 15’ (WP)
  • Burkina Brandenburg Komplex, Ulu Braun, Germany, 19’ (WP)
  • Circle, Jayisha Patel, Great Britain / India / Canada, 14’ (WP)
  • City of Tales, Arash Nassiri, France, 21’ (WP)
  • Coyote, Lorenz Wunderle, Switzerland, 10’ (WP)
  • Imfura, Samuel Ishimwe, Switzerland / Rwanda, 36’ (IP)
  • Imperial Valley (Cultivated Run-Off), Lukas Marxt, Germany / Austria, 14’ (WP)
  • Des jeunes filles disparaissent, Clément Pinteaux, France, 16’ (IP)
  • Madness, João Viana, Mozambique / Guinea-Bissau / Qatar / Portugal / France, 13’ (WP)
  • The Men Behind the Wall, Ines Moldavsky, Israel, 28’ (WP)
  • Onde o Verão Vai (episódios da juventude), David Pinheiro Vicente, Portugal, 20’ (WP)
  • Russa, João Salaviza and Ricardo Alves Jr., Portugal / Brazil, 20’ (WP)
  • The Shadow of Utopia, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 23’ (IP), out of competition
  • Solar Walk, Réka Bucsi, Denmark, 21’ (WP)
  • Terremoto Santo, Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, Brazil, 20’ (IP)
  • Le Tigre de Tasmanie, Vergine Keaton, France, 14’ (WP)
  • T.R.A.P, Manque La Banca, Argentina, 16’ (WP)
  • While I Yet Live, Maris Curran, USA, 15’ (IP)
  • Wishing Well, Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 13’ (WP)

There’ll be a special program within the program, 1968 – Red Flags for Everyone, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing similar fiftieth anniversary events throughout 2018. In this one:

  • Alaska (1968), Dore O., Federal Republic of Germany, 18’
  • Antigone (1964), Ula Stöckl, Federal Republic of Germany, 9’
  • Farbtest Rote Fahne (1968), Gerd Conradt, Federal Republic of Germany, 12’
  • Fundevogel (1967), Claudia von Alemann, Federal Republic of Germany, 22’
  • I Ruhrområdet (1967), Peter Nestler, Sweden, 34’
  • Ja/Nein (1968), Ernst Schmidt Jr., Austria, 3’
  • Kunst & Revolution (1968), Ernst Schmidt Jr., Austria, 2’
  • My Name is Oona (1969), Gunvor Nelson, USA, 10’
  • Na und . . . ? (1966), Marquard Bohm and Helmut Herbst, Federal Republic of Germany, 33’
  • Programmhinweise (1970), Christiane Gehner, Federal Republic of Germany, 10’
  • Rohfilm, Birgit and Wilhelm Hein, Federal Republic of Germany, 20’
  • Tapp und Tastkino (1968), VALIE EXPORT, Austria, 2’

The image at the top is from Farbtest Rote Fahne.

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