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    As we pointed out last week, you probably can’t afford to own Bob Dylan’s lyrics, so here’s something a little more reasonably priced: Big Pink, the unassuming suburban house in upstate New York where, following a motorcycle crash in 1966, Dylan recorded music that would be released in the seventies as The Basement Tapes, has just been made available for rent (h/t to Pitchfork). The perks? Two bedrooms, a sunroom, and Wi-Fi! The drawback? No basement access.

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  • By MelanieDaniels
    September 03, 2015
    12:39 AM

    I loved seeing those pictures of Big Pink! The owners have obviously taken good care of the house(those rates are kind high,though!Ouch). I appreciate how the home's character has been preserved(I have a picture of the guys in The Band hanging out in the kitchen; all these years later it looks remarkably the same). Anyway, that was a treat,because I love The Band;and I love the music Bob Dylan and The Band made together.