Documentary Now! Goes Grey

Grey Gardens spoof2

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen’s hilarious new IFC Channel show Documentary Now! started last week, and already we can’t get enough. Of course, it helps that the crackerjack comedy team (one of whom is an avowed Criterion fanatic) launched the anthology series, which features a different documentary spoof each week, with Sandy Passage, a film that looks suspiciously like a certain cinema verité classic in the Criterion Collection. The good folks at IFC have created an entertaining short video pointing out many of the similarities:

We can’t wait for the remaining five episodes—a couple more Criterion offerings are scheduled for skewering: the silent Inuit saga Nanook of the North and Errol Morris’s hunt for the truth The Thin Blue Line. And the show has already been picked up for two more seasons, so get ready for more of your favorite nonfiction films to be lovingly mocked. As you can see in the following promo, the Documentary Now! series is already planning for the possibility of many installments with their (heh) “Definitive Collection.”

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