• In our release of On the Waterfront, out today on Blu-ray and DVD, we offer Elia Kazan’s film in a trio of aspect ratios. Our official presentation of the movie is in 1.66:1, but you can also watch it in its entirety in both 1.33:1 and 1.85:1 frames. Find out why we made this unorthodox choice for On the Waterfront in this informative video essay, also included in the release, which goes on to demonstrate the fascinating, subtle differences among the versions.


  • By Davey32
    February 19, 2013
    06:57 PM

    It is going to make my head figuring out which is the best ratio, but it is going to be great to find out.
  • By Quinn
    February 19, 2013
    11:45 PM

    This post may have convinced me to pick up a copy. Thanks!
  • By Batzomon
    February 20, 2013
    07:02 PM

    This makes me think if I really saw "Dead Ringers", since I watched it on a movie channel in an improper aspect ratio. But of course, who hasn't watched a movie scaled down in some way, so does that really affect the initial experience?
  • By Sean
    February 21, 2013
    06:04 PM

    Once I view this on TCM and if I like it and want to buy it I'll give all three Aspect ratios a look. So far 1:66.1 looks like the best to me in this video.
  • By Patrick
    February 22, 2013
    02:50 PM

    I've seen this film several times in 1.33:1 but never in 1.66:1. Really excited to watch this one again! Very cool to include 3 options.