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Visits with Raoul Coutard
Visits with Raoul Coutard

Last week, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Raoul Coutard. Our technical director, Lee Kline, shared some memories of working with the great cinematographer.

Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, Master of Light and Dark
Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, Master of Light and Dark

In honor of the great cinematographer, our technical director shares some memories of encountering the man and his work.

The Color of Dreams
The Color of Dreams

While in Tokyo to work on Akira Kurosawa’s 1990 film, our technical director got a glimpse at some of the filmmaker’s original drawings that he used to shoot the movie.

Leaving the Color in L’enfance nue

One of the most challenging aspects of our work is to get accurate color for films when there are no filmmakers to consult with. This is especially true of films from the fifties and sixties, for which cinematographers, directors, editors, and color

Magic Carpet Ride

Of all the great places I get to go for transfer work, London is probably my favorite. First off, everyone speaks English, and there’s an abundance of great Indian food. But there’s also the excitement that when the workday ends, you end up at th…

Color Me Impressed

When I started preparing for a new transfer of The Ice Storm, I asked director Ang Lee if he wanted to supervise the session. Ang said that he’d like the cinematographer, Fred Elmes, to supervise, and that he would come in at the end and review the…

Striking Gold

When I found out last year that we’d be working on Days of Heaven, I got goose bumps. It’s always been one of my favorite films, and I had wished it could be in the Criterion Collection ever since I started here twelve years ago—that and Sixtee