• This clip is the middle section of Hollis Frampton's Surface Tension (1968). In it, we see a sped-up journey from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park in New York City. Frampton considered the bridge (along with Stonehenge) to be "one of the primary aesthetic experiences of his life," according to P. Adams Sitney. Keep your eyes peeled for that and other NYC landmarks—like the iconic bookstore the Strand, close enough to the Criterion office for lunch-hour browsing.


  • By Sidney
    March 08, 2012
    05:47 PM

    What a great video. I'm looking forward to the release.
  • By Brian
    March 08, 2012
    08:46 PM

    My head hurts...
  • By GHB
    March 09, 2012
    10:10 AM

    Love the view of lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge before they built that hideous Verizon building, arguably the fugliest building in NYC.
  • By mike
    March 10, 2012
    10:10 PM

    Very much like my new york walkabouts! Between my internal thoughts, and headset radio, the street views are erratic. Well done.
  • By Serdar
    March 11, 2012
    02:29 PM

    A strong influence on "Koyaanisqatsi", too, if memory serves.
  • By peg a.h. powers
    April 06, 2012
    09:47 PM

    Mike, you have lots to work with!.
  • By Mark in SF
    April 24, 2012
    08:05 PM

    Think I saw Max's Kansas City there too.