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    Cover of Shochiku promotional booklet for Three Outlaw Samurai, 1964


  • By Rob W.
    March 01, 2012
    10:42 AM

  • By Christopher Bing
    November 30, 2013
    12:19 PM

    I bought this knowing nothing of the television series and feel I more than got my money's worth (the booklet with the essay by Bilge Ebiri is everything it should be and could be wanted. That said an audio commentary would have put this release over the top). This is a good to great film, and beautifully transferred to Blu-Ray. This is not an epic as is "The Seven Samurai", and should be watched with that in mind. As a film from television source, using the original actors, it has the great strength of actors knowing their characters intimately before-hand, so that they get to focus and create a powerful story that (fiction that it is) speaks with a self assertion that draws the viewer in and keeps them on their toes with not only the plotting but what feels like real soul searching and bonding among the "Three Outlaw Samurai". To top it all is the athletic camera work and editing that even in its slower moments is wonderful in it's pacing. In short; An entertaining, well-built (with the strength of story depth it's television history gives it) and compelling film you'll want to watch often, especially if you like buddy films that speak to men, not teenagers looking for a good date movie.