Abel Gance’s Napoleon Returns

Cinephiles, man your battle stations: Abel Gance’s legendary silent behemoth Napoleon, which hasn’t been shown theatrically in the U.S. with live accompaniment for nearly thirty years, will be presented by the 2012 San Francisco Silent Film Festival in four special performances at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. This is a major event, as not only has Napoleon been so long unseen, but this will be the American premiere of Academy Award–winning film historian Kevin Brownlow and BFI’s complete restoration—and with more than thirty minutes of additional footage discovered since Brownlow’s original 1979 reconstruction, this is the longest version of Gance’s film shown since its 1927 premiere at the Paris Opéra. Screenings of Napoleon will take place March 24, 25, 31, and April 1 next year. Watch the new trailer below heralding this exciting news:

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