Let’s Go to the Movies

Short Takes — Jun 10, 2011

Here’s a treat for all connoisseurs of American big screens: Flavorpill has compiled a list of the best movie theaters in the country. The editors talked to friends and colleagues around the country to get their votes, and based their decisions on quality of presentation and eclecticism of programming—though they didn’t forget to mention important extras like ornate pipe organs and beer. The twelve final selections include quite a few movie houses you may recognize from our weekly Friday Repertory Roundups, each accompanied by a short write-up and a vivid photo. It’s great to see what these theaters look like, as some of them used to be just names for us—check out those gorgeously glowing marquees for San Francisco’s Castro Theatre and Minneapolis’s Uptown Theatre, and those lush interiors at the 21st Street Warren in Wichita and the Paramount Theatre in Oakland.

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