Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Carl Dreyer

Fans of Carl Theodor Dreyer’s films (which really should include any lover of cinema) have reason to celebrate. The long-gestating website devoted to the Danish director, Carl Th. Dreyer—The Man and His Work, launched at the end of May and is now live for your perusal. It's a rich trove of essays, clips from his features and rare shorts (check out 1948’s They Caught the Ferry—who knew Dreyer was a great action director?), interviews, film notes, and extensive galleries of photos and original posters. You can also search a database of what’s contained in the collection at Dreyer’s estate in Copenhagen, including original scripts, work papers, photos, research material, newspaper clippings, a book collection, and more than 4,000 letters (as the website states, however, the collection is still being cataloged, and an announcement will be made when it is complete). This generous and easily navigable site was made possible by the efforts of the Danish Film Institute.

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