Rodarte and Rialto Team Up for Breathless

The eternally cool Breathless is getting a little more stylish. Rialto Pictures is joining forces with Kate and Laura Mulleavy of the fashion label Rodarte in preparation for the upcoming fiftieth anniversary release of Jean-Luc Godard’s New Wave groundbreaker. Rodarte has created two limited-edition T-shirts to be released in spring 2010, one an original design meant to evoke the film and the other based on the New York Herald Tribune top worn by Jean Seberg in the iconic early scenes on the Champs-Élysées (made under exclusive license from the International Herald Tribune in Paris). Additionally, Rodarte will design Breathless-inspired windows for Barneys in New York and Los Angeles and London’s Dover Street Market. The sisters will also be collaborating with graphic designer Patrick Li on a new poster for the film. Says Kate in a press release announcing the joint effort, “We have been influenced by Godard’s rejection of the status quo and have approached our work with the same desire to create outside preexisting boundaries.”

Look for Breathless’s return to theaters on May 28, when it will open at New York’s Film Forum and Laemmle’s Royal Theatre in Los Angeles before making its way to other cities around the U.S. And check out Rodarte’s Breathless-less yet New Wave–happy Criterion Top 10.

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