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Allison Anders

Allison Anders is an award-winning film and television writer and director who got her first professional break working for her mentor, Wim Wenders, on his movie Paris, Texas (1984). Her feature debut was Border Radio (1987), cowritten and codirected with Kurt Voss, and her other film directing credits include Gas, Food Lodging (1992); Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) (1993); and Grace of My Heart (1996). She has directed for such television shows as Sex and the City, The L Word, Southland, Riverdale, and Orange Is the New Black, and was nominated for an Emmy for directing Ring of Fire (2013). She is a professor in the Film and Media Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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A Moment with Harry

Filmmaker Allison Anders recalls a story about her time working with the late Harry Dean Stanton on the set of Paris, Texas.

By Allison Anders

Alice in the Cities: A Girl’s Story

With Alice in the Cites, Wim Wenders created one of the most nuanced and complex portraits of an empowered young girl ever seen on-screen.

By Allison Anders