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One-Eyed Jacks

Marlon Brando

One-Eyed Jacks (Criterion Blu-Ray)


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  • United States
  • 1961
  • 141 minutes
  • Color
  • 1.85:1
  • English
  • Spine #844

This is a western like no other, combining the mythological scope of that most American of genres with the searing naturalism of a performance by Marlon Brando—all suffused with Freudian overtones and masculine anxiety. In his only directing stint, Brando captures rugged coastal and desert landscapes in gorgeous widescreen, Technicolor images, and elicits from his fellow actors (including Karl Malden and Pina Pellicer) nuanced depictions of conflicted characters. Though the production was overwhelmed by its director’s perfectionism and plagued by setbacks and studio reediting, One-Eyed Jacks stands as one of Brando’s great achievements, thanks above all to his tortured turn as Rio, a bank robber bent on revenge against his former partner in crime. Brooding and romantic, Rio is the last and perhaps the most tender of the iconic outsiders that the great actor imbued with such intensity throughout his career.


RioMarlon Brando
Sheriff Dad LongworthKarl Malden
Maria LongworthKaty Jurado
Bob AmoryBen Johnson
Deputy Lon DedrickSlim Pickens
LouisaPina Pellicer
Chico ModestoLarry Duran
Harvey JohnsonSam Gilman
RedheadMÍriam Colón
Howard TetleyTimothy Carey
Flamenco DancerMargarita Cordova
Mr. Carvey, bankerElisha Cook Jr.
Rurale captainRodolfo Acosta
Flower vendorJoan Petrone
Corral ownerJoe Dominguez
Corral owner’s sonTom Webb
BarneyRay Teal
ChetJohn Dierkes
Uncle, hostel ownerPhilip Ahn
DocHank Worden
TimClem Harvey
BartenderWilliam Forrest
MargaritaMina Martinez


DirectorMarlon Brando
ProducerFrank P. Rosenberg
Executive producersGeorge Glass and Walter Seltzer
Assistant to the producerCarlo Fiore
Screenplay byGuy Trosper and Calder Willingham
Based on the novel The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones byCharles Neider
Director of photographyCharles Lang Jr.
Music byHugo Friedhofer
Art directionHal Pereira and J. McMillan Johnson
EditorArchie Marshek
Set decorationSam Comer and Robert Benton
SoundHugo Grenzbach and Charles Grenzbach
Special photographic effectsJohn P. Fulton
Technicolor consultantRichard Mueller
Assistant directorsFrancisco Day and Harry Caplan
CostumesYvonne Wood
MakeupWally Westmore
Marlon Brando’s makeupPhil Rhodes
HairNellie Manley
Set photographerSam Shaw

Disc Features

  • New 4K digital restoration, undertaken by Universal Pictures in partnership with The Film Foundation and in consultation with filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • New introduction by Scorsese
  • Excerpts from voice recordings director and star Marlon Brando made during the development of the film’s script
  • New video essays on the film’s production history and on its potent combination of the stage and screen icon Brando with the classic Hollywood western genre
  • Trailer
  • PLUS: An essay by film critic Howard Hampton

    New cover by Robert Hunt

Film Essays


One-Eyed Jacks: Zen Nihilism

By Howard Hampton November 22, 2016

The result of a notoriously troubled production, Marlon Brando’s unorthodox western presents a brooding vision of human futility. Read more »

10 Things I Learned

10 Things I Learned: One-Eyed Jacks

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Brando’s Rebellious Western

November 23, 2016

After years of cultivating his immortal on-screen persona as a handsome, brooding outsider, Marlon Brando expanded his creative ambitions when he both directed and starred in One-Eyed Jacks, his . . . Read more »

Film Essays


One-Eyed Jacks: Zen Nihilism

By Howard Hampton November 22, 2016

The result of a notoriously troubled production, Marlon Brando’s unorthodox western presents a brooding vision of human futility. Read more »



Dark Passages: Noir on the Range

By Imogen Sara Smith October 31, 2016

Westerns cover a lot of territory. Dramatizing the most romantic of American myths, they also give form to the darkest inversions of those myths. The genre that celebrated rugged pioneer values . . . Read more »



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