Heaven’s Gate Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate

Michael Cimino

Heaven’s Gate (Criterion Blu-Ray)


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  • United States
  • 1980
  • 216 minutes
  • Color
  • 2.40:1
  • English
  • Spine #636

A breathtaking depiction of the promise and perils of America’s western expansion, Heaven’s Gate, directed by Michael Cimino, is among Hollywood’s most ambitious and unorthodox epics. Kris Kristofferson brings his weathered sensuality to the role of a Harvard graduate who relocates to Wyoming as a federal marshal; there, he learns of a government-sanctioned plot by cattle barons to kill the area’s European settlers for their land. The resulting battle is based on the bloody real-life Johnson County War of 1892. Also starring Isabelle Huppert and Christopher Walken, Heaven’s Gate is a savage and ravishingly shot take on western movie lore. This release presents the full director’s cut, letting viewers today see Cimino’s potent original vision.


James AverillKris Kristofferson
Nathan D. ChampionChristopher Walken
Billy IrvineJohn Hurt
Frank CantonSam Waterston
Mr. EgglestonBrad Dourif
Ella WatsonIsabelle Huppert
The Reverend DoctorJoseph Cotten
John L. BridgesJeff Bridges
Trapper FredGeoffrey Lewis
Mayor LezakPaul Koslo
CullyRichard Masur
WolcottRonnie Hawkins
Beautiful girlRoseanne Vela
NellMary C. Wright
Small manNIcholas Woodeson
Big manStefan Shcherby
PhotographerWaldemar Kalinowski
Captain MinardiTerry O’Quinn
MorrisonJohn Conley
Mrs. EgglestonMargaret Benczk
JakeTom Noonan
Mercenary in new suitJarlath Conroy
DudleyAllen Keller
Nick RayMickey Rourke


DirectorMichael Cimino
Produced byJoann Carelli
Written byMichael Cimino
Director of photographyVilmos Zsigmond
EditorsTom Rolf, William Reynolds, Lisa Fruchtman and Gerald Greenberg
Art directorTambi Larsen
Executives in charge of productionDennis O’Dell and Charles Okun
Executive in charge of postproductionWilliam Reynolds
MusicDavid Mansfield
Costumes designed byAllen Highfill
Art directorsSpencer Deverill and Maurice Fowler
Set decoratorsJim Berkey and Josie MacAvin
ChoreographerEleanor Fazan
Musical supervisionJoann Carelli
MakeupBen Nye
Special effects makeupTom Burman
Assistant directorsMichael Grillo and Brian Cook
Second assistant directorsMichael Stevenson, Terry Needham, Dennis Capps and Richard Graves
Camera operatorJan Kiesser
Assistant cameramenMichael Gershman, Eric Engler and Ken Nishino
Supervising sound editorJames J. Klinger

Disc Features


  • New, restored transfer of director Michael Cimino’s cut of the film, supervised by Cimino
  • New restoration of the 5.1 surround soundtrack, supervised by Cimino and presented in DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray edition
  • New illustrated audio interview with Cimino and producer Joann Carelli
  • New interviews with actor Kris Kristofferson, soundtrack arranger and performer David Mansfield, and second assistant director Michael Stevenson
  • Trailer and TV spot
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring a new essay by critic and programmer Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan and a 1980 interview with Cimino

    New cover by Eric Skillman

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Heaven’s Gate: Western Promises

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Michael Cimino’s visionary western is a superbly realized account of a shocking real American tragedy. Read more »



A Tribute to Michael Cimino

By Curtis Tsui July 08, 2016

On July 2, 2016, just two days before the Fourth of July, director Michael Cimino passed away. I find the fact that he left us so close to this most national of holidays deeply moving, because . . . Read more »

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10 Things I Learned: Heaven’s Gate

By Curtis Tsui November 23, 2012

Film Essays


Heaven’s Gate: Western Promises

By Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan November 20, 2012

Michael Cimino’s visionary western is a superbly realized account of a shocking real American tragedy. Read more »


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