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First Person

Prisoners of Second Avenue

For reasons this veteran editor and best-selling author can’t fully explain, an unsung film adaptation of a Neil Simon play has become an abiding domestic comfort many years after he first encountered it.

By Benjamin Dreyer

First Person

Yi Yi Through Time and Space

The author of the acclaimed novel Memorial reflects on how Edward Yang’s epic swan song has accompanied him around the world, through different stages of his life.

By Bryan Washington

First Person

Worlds Away

Obsessed with the lure of memory and the stigma of social otherness, Terence Davies’s The Long Day Closes inspires this writer to take her own winding journey into the past.

By Ella Taylor

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Ain’t Nobody’s Business If the Lady Sings the Blues

In the 1970s, a decade when blaxploitation ruled, Lady Sings the Blues offered a rare tender vision of Black love and masculinity.

By A. Van Jordan

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Rebels at the Multiplex

Shortly after the 2020 election, this award-winning writer reflected on the massive Hollywood blockbuster that became an unexpected source of political emotion for her in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.

By Esmé Weijun Wang

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Movie Dates

Cinematic and carnal ravishment are sometimes at cross-purposes, as this celebrated American essayist discovered after many fumbled attempts at merging the two.

By Phillip Lopate

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A Writer’s Retreat

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, a New York writer recalls the pure, easy pleasures of the multiplex and the feeling of escape at the heart of moviegoing.

By Sloane Crosley

First Person

Empty Theaters

The author of The Fortress of Solitude considers the meditative, “brain-rinsing” effects of the solo moviegoing experience.

By Jonathan Lethem

First Person

Elsewhere On-Screen

The author of Call Me by Your Name remembers the first time he saw The Apartment—and the long, late-night pilgrimage through a vanishing Manhattan that the film inspired.

By André Aciman