Welcome to Our New Site

This morning Criterion.com went offline for a few hours, and we bid farewell to the version of the site that has been our sturdy home on the internet for more than a decade. The new site has been a labor of love, sorrow, and redemption nearly two years in the making, and I hope you can feel that we have poured our hearts into it.

We had four explicit goals in redesigning the site: adaptability for mobile devices, a richer publishing environment, a smoother e-commerce experience, and direct linking from our pages to the films and programming on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck, our exclusive streaming home. 

Visitors on phones or tablets or desktops will now be able to enjoy the site without zooming and fidgeting. The world-class array of writers who have been contributing to the Current for years finally have magazine layouts that can do them justice. For shoppers, we’ve added quick-shop features, curated collections, and a smoother checkout flow, keeping the robust filtering and richly annotated film pages. And all of it is fully integrated with the FilmStruck apps.

Our deepest thanks and congratulations to Jason Hardy and Steven Knodel at Century for a vivid, elegant, and spacious redesign; to Alex Gilbert and his team of coders at P’unk Avenue for their tireless dedication; to all the members of Criterion’s art, editorial, and sales departments who worked so hard to make this happen; and above all to our design director Sarah Habibi, who led the effort from start to finish with fearless patience and poise.

The new site is just getting on its feet, and we still have a lot of kinks to work out. There’s a long list of tweaks and features we’ll be working on in the coming weeks and months, so please let us know what you think, and what you think could be better. It’s just the beginning!

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