Adventures in Moviegoing with Barry Jenkins

Last year, director Barry Jenkins delivered one of the most deeply empathetic coming-of-age dramas in recent memory with his exquisite sophomore feature, Moonlight, which rode a wave of acclaim to its ultimate Oscar win for best picture. In the latest entry in our series Adventures in Moviegoing, he joins Criterion’s Peter Becker for a conversation about his journey as a cinephile, reflecting on his formative years as a student at Florida State University, where he began to develop his voice as a storyteller, and his experiences programming at the Telluride Film Festival. The below clip from the episode features Jenkins talking about what he has learned from female directors such as Lucrecia Martel and Claire Denis, whose formally daring work has inspired his own. Watch the full episode when it premieres on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck tomorrow, accompanied by a series of Jenkins’s favorites, including Martel’s La Ciénaga and Denis’s White Material. And check out this video we shot during his previous visit to our office, in which he unpacks his love for Wong Kar-wai.

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