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    Just in time for Halloween, we’re musing on what it is that makes a movie frightening with the help of filmmaking duo Josh and Benny Safdie, the directors behind this year’s celebrated heist thriller Good Time and the subjects of our latest episode of Meet the Filmmakers on the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck. While visiting Criterion earlier this month, the brothers sat down to talk about the kinds of movies that get under their skin, along the way touching on a number of the particular films that scare them most, including David Cronenberg’s eerily prescient Videodrome and Joel and Ethan Coen’s unlikely “monster movie” Blood Simple.


  • By Pat McCann
    October 30, 2017
    03:44 PM

    I love all the recent attention Criterion has been paying to the Safdie bros - hopefully Good Time finds its way into the Collection soon...
  • By Sean Ramsdell
    October 31, 2017
    04:45 PM

    Don't forget Night of the Hunter and Repulsion on Related Films