• With five feature films under their belt, including the indie hits Daddy Longlegs, Heaven Knows What, and the heart-stopping new crime thriller Good Time, New York–based directors Josh and Benny Safdie have won acclaim for their distinctively anarchic, emotionally charged style, one that bears the influence of their eclectic love of film history. Last month, the brothers stopped by the Criterion office for a trip inside our closet and shared some of the titles that have meant the most to them, including Mike Leigh’s Meantime, Ermanno Olmi’s Il posto, and Robert Bresson’s A Man Escaped.


  • By Pat McCann
    September 11, 2017
    06:45 PM

    If someone here hasn't seen Good Time yet get off the interweb and SEE IT NOW!!!!! It's my pick for the best film of 2017 thus far. The casting and soundtrack are off the charts good - not to mention writing, direction, ext.
  • By Davey32
    September 12, 2017
    12:47 AM

    This is going to be a closet video I will revisit: again, again, and again. It is so much fun and their love of film is quite obvious and pure.
  • By Doug C.
    September 12, 2017
    08:47 AM

    What is the Bresson movie he describes as a joke? Or could have started as a joke? Even though it's dark.
    • By Samuel Ombiri
      September 12, 2017
      10:28 AM

      He's talking about L'argent
  • By Mike T.
    September 12, 2017
    01:19 PM

    The Bresson movie is L'Argent
  • By Weasel
    September 13, 2017
    02:53 AM

    I love these guys' passion for film already given their haul. :P