Repertory Picks

Harold and Maude in Colorado

This Friday, the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado, will screen Hal Ashby’s 1971 sophomore feature Harold and Maude. Made just one year after Ashby transitioned from editing to directing with his Brooklyn-set gentrification drama The Landlord, the film emerged from a dark-humored script about a May-December romance that screenwriter Colin Higgins wrote as his MFA thesis. Bud Cort stars as a morbid young man who attends a funeral for fun and meets a free-spirited octogenarian (Ruth Gordon) who reinvigorates his will to live. Set to a dulcet, folksy soundtrack by Cat Stevens, this unconventional love story was a commercial and critical disappointment upon its release, but four decades later it has become a cult classic and is recognized as an emblematic work of the New Hollywood renaissance.

For a closer look at the film, read critic Matt Zoller Seitz’s liner notes on our release, and discover ten things that producer Curtis Tsui learned while working on our edition.

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