Repertory Picks

Wes Anderson in Oklahoma

Wes Anderson fans in Oklahoma City can beat those lingering holiday blues with a complete retrospective of his feature films, including a 35 mm screening of 2004’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Cowritten by Noah Baumbach, this madcap homage to one of Anderson’s childhood heroes, Jacques Cousteau, follows a melancholic oceanographer (Bill Murray) in pursuit of the elusive Jaguar Shark that devoured his best friend. One of the director’s strangest and most underappreciated achievements, the film crafts a bizarre, insular world around its hero’s midlife crisis, surrounding him with a kooky crew, a soundtrack filled with Portuguese renditions of David Bowie songs, and a host of visual delights. Don’t miss the screening tomorrow night if you’re in town, and be sure to check out the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s website for details on the rest of the retrospective, which runs through New Year’s Eve.

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