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Creatures in California

Just in time for Halloween, we’re joining the Cinefamily, in Los Angeles, in throwing an early fiftieth-anniversary celebration for the original cut of the independent horror spectacular Equinox. Beloved for its eye-popping stop-motion and cel animation, this midnight-movie favorite is a showcase for the innovative work of visual-effects artist Dennis Muren, who would go on to win nine Oscars for his work in films like Star Wars and Jurassic Park. Set deep within the California canyons, the film centers on a group of teenagers who discover an ancient tome that contains cryptic information about an evil realm parallel to the human world. Made for just $6,500, the initial version was spruced up with additional footage for its theatrical release in 1970, but those in L.A. can see the film tomorrow night in its original amateur glory, with Muren and other special guests in person.

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