Repertory Picks

Mulholland Dr. at Midnight in Massachusetts

mulholland dr

David Lynch’s evocative films are often best enjoyed in the dark of night. So those of you in the Boston area are in luck, because this weekend the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline is presenting back-to-back midnight screenings of Lynch’s 2001 masterwork Mulholland Dr. Set in Los Angeles, against the flickering lights of Hollywood, Lynch’s seductive fever dream centers on Naomi Watts, as a wide-eyed young woman with movie-star ambitions, and Laura Harring, as the beautiful amnesiac she meets upon her arrival in the city of dreams. The film unfolds into a fractured and enigmatic love story, complemented and intensified by an affecting score from longtime Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. You can see the film, which won Lynch the best director award at Cannes, on the big screen this weekend, and in the meantime, read an interview between Lynch and writer and filmmaker Chris Rodley, which originally appeared in Rodley’s book Lynch on Lynch.

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