Repertory Picks

Catherine at the Charles

What better way is there to spend an afternoon than by indulging in the surreal pleasures of Luis Buñuel? Well, this Saturday, Baltimore's historic Charles Theatre is presenting a matinée screening of Belle de jour, one of the Spanish director’s most subversive and successful features. This erotic masterpiece, produced in 1967 from a script cowritten by Buñuel and the legendary French writer Jean-Claude Carrière, stars a stunning Catherine Deneuve in one of her most iconic roles—as Séverine, a Parisian housewife moonlighting as a prostitute. View the fetishistic film classic this Saturday (and again next Monday!), then come back the following weekend for Wim Wenders’s melancholy 1977 noir The American Friend. And in the meantime, watch our Three Reasons video for Belle de jour below.

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