L’avventura Poster

  • Limited-edition U.S. one-sheet.
    27" x 39.5" (rolled)

A girl mysteriously disappears on a yachting trip. While her lover and her best friend search for her across Italy, they begin an affair. Michelangelo Antonioni’s penetrating study of the idle upper class offers stinging observations on spiritual isolation and the many meanings of love. Initially greeted with jeers and confusion upon its debut at Cannes, L’avventura was then awarded a Special Jury Prize for “the beauty of its images, and for seeking to create a new film language.” Today, it has long since established itself as a landmark in modern cinema and one of the most influential films ever made.

Limited-edition U.S. one-sheet, matte finish. 2013 theatrical rerelease.
Background color is cream but may appear white on some computer monitors.
27" × 39.5" (rolled)

Design by Sam Smith, samsmyth.net.

For more information about L’avventura, please visit the Janus Films website.

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