Virtually Reality

These uncategorizable works blur the lines between fiction and documentary with panache.

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Spine # Title Director Country Year
991 And Life Goes On And Life Goes On Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1992
425 Antonio Gaudí Antonio Gaudí Hiroshi Teshigahara Japan, 1984
853 Cameraperson Cameraperson Kirsten Johnson United States, 2016
519 Close-up Close-up Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1990
1111 Dick Johnson Is Dead Dick Johnson Is Dead Kirsten Johnson United States, 2020
Documenteur Documenteur Agnès Varda France, 1981
288 F for Fake F for Fake Orson Welles United States, 1975
196 Hiroshima mon amour Hiroshima mon amour Alain Resnais France, 1959
Hotel Monterey Hotel Monterey Chantal Akerman United States, 1972
510 In Vanda’s Room In Vanda’s Room Pedro Costa Portugal, 2000
Innocence Unprotected Innocence Unprotected Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1968
Jane B. par Agnès V. Jane B. par Agnès V. Agnès Varda France, 1988
L’enfant aimé ou Je joue à être une femme mariée L’enfant aimé ou Je joue à être une femme mariée Chantal Akerman Belgium, 1971
Le 15/8 Le 15/8 Chantal Akerman and Samy Szlingerbaum Belgium, 1973
Lions Love (. . . and Lies) Lions Love (. . . and Lies) Agnès Varda France, 1969
Maidstone Maidstone Norman Mailer United States, 1970
658 Medium Cool Medium Cool Haskell Wexler United States, 1969
The Most Beautiful The Most Beautiful Akira Kurosawa Japan, 1944
My Crasy Life My Crasy Life Jean-Pierre Gorin United States, 1992
741 My Winnipeg My Winnipeg Guy Maddin Canada, 2007
811 The Naked Island The Naked Island Kaneto Shindo Japan, 1960
Native Land Native Land Leo Hurwitz… United States, 1942
News from Home News from Home Chantal Akerman France, 1976
No Bears No Bears Jafar Panahi Iran, 2022
569 People on Sunday People on Sunday Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer Germany, 1930
686 Redes Redes Emilio Gómez Muriel… Mexico, 1936
Sans Soleil Sans Soleil Chris Marker France, 1983
360 Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Two Takes by William Greaves Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Two Takes by William Greaves William Greaves United States,
992 Through the Olive Trees Through the Olive Trees Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1994
389 WR: Mysteries of the Organism WR: Mysteries of the Organism Dušan Makavejev Yugoslavia, 1971