Growing Pains

Coming of age isn’t easy—especially in the Criterion catalog.

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Spine # Title Director Country Year
1061 Minding the Gap Minding the Gap Bing Liu United States, 2018
1083 Pariah Pariah Dee Rees United States, 2011
Jacquot de Nantes Jacquot de Nantes Agnès Varda France, 1991
990 Where Is the Friend’s House? Where Is the Friend’s House? Abbas Kiarostami Iran, 1987
944 Cold Water Cold Water Olivier Assayas France, 1994
920 The Virgin Suicides The Virgin Suicides Sofia Coppola United States, 1999
782 The Apu Trilogy The Apu Trilogy    
839 Boyhood Boyhood Richard Linklater United States, 2014
5 The 400 Blows The 400 Blows François Truffaut France, 1959
927 El Sur El Sur Víctor Erice Spain, 1983
351 The Spirit of the Beehive The Spirit of the Beehive Víctor Erice Spain, 1973
403 Cría cuervos . . . Cría cuervos . . . Carlos Saura Spain, 1976
263 Fanny and Alexander: Theatrical Version Fanny and Alexander: Theatrical Version Ingmar Bergman Sweden, 1982
761 Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Valerie and Her Week of Wonders Jaromil Jireš Czechoslovakia, 1970
152 George Washington George Washington David Gordon Green United States, 2000
84 Good Morning Good Morning Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1959
I Was Born, But . . . I Was Born, But . . . Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1932
804 A Brighter Summer Day A Brighter Summer Day Edward Yang Taiwan, 1991
339 Yi Yi Yi Yi Edward Yang Taiwan, 2000
336 Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused Richard Linklater United States, 1993
905 The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club John Hughes United States, 1985
1075 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Fast Times at Ridgemont High Amy Heckerling United States, 1982
872 Ghost World Ghost World Terry Zwigoff United States, 2001
608 Harold and Maude Harold and Maude Hal Ashby United States, 1971
776 Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson United States, 2012
65 Rushmore Rushmore Wes Anderson United States, 1998
869 Rumble Fish Rumble Fish Francis Ford Coppola United States, 1983
289 Hoop Dreams Hoop Dreams Steve James United States, 1994
426 The Ice Storm The Ice Storm Ang Lee United States, 1997
620 La promesse La promesse Luc Dardenne… Belgium, 1996
553 Fish Tank Fish Tank Andrea Arnold United Kingdom, 2009
337 À nos amours À nos amours Maurice Pialat France, 1983
259 Fat Girl Fat Girl Catherine Breillat France, 2001
829 A Taste of Honey A Taste of Honey Tony Richardson United Kingdom, 1961
695 Blue Is the Warmest Color Blue Is the Warmest Color Abdellatif Kechiche France, 2013
10 Walkabout Walkabout Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1971
374 Bicycle Thieves Bicycle Thieves Vittorio De Sica Italy, 1948
499 Germany Year Zero Germany Year Zero Roberto Rossellini Germany, 1948
397 Ivan’s Childhood Ivan’s Childhood Andrei Tarkovsky Soviet Union, 1962
330 Au revoir les enfants Au revoir les enfants Louis Malle France, 1987
329 Lacombe, Lucien Lacombe, Lucien Louis Malle France, 1974
234 The Tin Drum The Tin Drum Volker Schlöndorff Germany, 1979
283 A Generation A Generation Andrzej Wajda Poland, 1955
628 The Forgiveness of Blood The Forgiveness of Blood Joshua Marston United States, 2011
43 Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies Peter Brook United Kingdom, 1963
391 If.... If.... Lindsay Anderson United Kingdom, 1969
694 The Long Day Closes The Long Day Closes Terence Davies United Kingdom, 1992
561 Kes Kes Ken Loach United Kingdom, 1970
766 Here Is Your Life Here Is Your Life Jan Troell Sweden, 1966
178 My Life as a Dog My Life as a Dog Lasse Hallström Sweden, 1985
698 King of the Hill King of the Hill Steven Soderbergh United States, 1993
438 Mon oncle Antoine Mon oncle Antoine Claude Jutra Canada, 1971
279 Young Törless Young Törless Volker Schlöndorff Germany, 1966
162 Ratcatcher Ratcatcher Lynne Ramsay United Kingdom, 1999
534 L’enfance nue L’enfance nue Maurice Pialat France, 1968
194 Il posto Il posto Ermanno Olmi Italy, 1961
276 The River The River Jean Renoir France, 1951
697 Tess Tess Roman Polanski United Kingdom, 1979
31 Great Expectations Great Expectations David Lean United Kingdom, 1946
32 Oliver Twist Oliver Twist David Lean United Kingdom, 1948
363 Mouchette Mouchette Robert Bresson France, 1967
549 The Last Picture Show The Last Picture Show Peter Bogdanovich United States, 1971
Zéro de conduite Zéro de conduite Jean Vigo France, 1933
328 Murmur of the Heart Murmur of the Heart Louis Malle France, 1971
323 The Children Are Watching Us The Children Are Watching Us Vittorio De Sica Italy, 1944
269 Fighting Elegy Fighting Elegy Seijun Suzuki Japan, 1966
Poil de carotte Poil de carotte Julien Duvivier France, 1932
Come On Children Come On Children Allan King Canada, 1972
Warrendale Warrendale Allan King Canada, 1967