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Spine # Title Director Country Year
994 Local Hero Local Hero Bill Forsyth United Kingdom, 1983
996 The Circus The Circus Charles Chaplin United States, 1928
995 Polyester Polyester John Waters United States, 1981
997 Cluny Brown Cluny Brown Ernst Lubitsch United States, 1946
993 The Cloud-Capped Star The Cloud-Capped Star Ritwik Ghatak India, 1960
333 Fists in the Pocket Fists in the Pocket Marco Bellocchio Italy, 1965
989 The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice Yasujiro Ozu Japan, 1952
The Koker Trilogy The Koker Trilogy    
457 Magnificent Obsession Magnificent Obsession Douglas Sirk United States, 1954
988 The Inland Sea The Inland Sea Lucille Carra United States, 1991
301 An Angel at My Table An Angel at My Table Jane Campion New Zealand, 1990
97 Do the Right Thing Do the Right Thing Spike Lee United States, 1989
984 1984 1984 Michael Radford United Kingdom, 1984
986 The Baker’s Wife The Baker’s Wife Marcel Pagnol France, 1938
987 Klute Klute Alan J. Pakula United States, 1971
203 The BRD Trilogy The BRD Trilogy    
985 Europa Europa Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland Germany, 1990
983 War and Peace War and Peace Sergei Bondarchuk Soviet Union, 1966
982 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig and the Angry Inch John Cameron Mitchell United States, 2001