Fantastic Cinematography

by Jason K.

Created 08/07/12

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hmmm. seems like for Criterion it would've been easier to make a list of average cinematography films, would've been a lot shorter.
A shout out for the beautiful Entr'acte which is on a nous la liberte's special features, but cannot be added to lists. If it could, it would certainly be here.
In no particular order here are 30 or so films with stunning visuals:


  • By HUSKY
    August 29, 2012
    10:58 AM

    The cranes are flying and letter never sent=best cinematography ever, period. Sergei Urusevsky is the man!!!! I love all the films in the list though!
    • By Jason K.
      August 29, 2012
      06:05 PM

      Letter Never Sent is right up there on my watchlist as is I am Cuba. They're supposed to be wonderful....
  • By HUSKY
    September 01, 2012
    08:20 PM

    Criterion needs to put out I Am Cuba for sure.