Top 10 Gun Savvy Films

by Zach

Created 08/01/12

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These are my 10 favorite Criterion films that use guns as a major part of the film's plot or action. These don't have to be action films, just films where guns do the talking or where guns are significant to the film's story telling.

  • And finally, Gomorrah. Much like La Haine, this is a film where explosions of violence prove to be extremely powerful. Think of it like Breaking Bad or No Country for Old Men. Slow paced character studies in which we know guns are always in their jacket pockets are some of the best stories ever. And when those guns go off...

  • The gun in this film is a legend. Great filmmaking and action storytelling. One of the coolest guns in cinematic histoyr.

  • look at #4...

  • John Woo. nuff said.

  • Action packed Japanese pot boilers. Oh yes, this has tons of action in it. Great classic noir with loads of shootouts in it.

  • A film where an unfired gun is extremely essential to the character building.

  • The best film noir. The pump shot gun used by Sterling Hayden is amazing to look at. The robbery is a great scene to behold.

  • Very little gun shots in this film. But, scenes like the opening assassination or the betrayal at the bridge demonstrate some truly startling scenes in gun cinema.

  • Femme fatales and hoodlums with guns. This is film noir at its finest.

  • Even though a western is populated with guns to represent the time period, display action, or build suspense, this film proves as a gun savvy film for its climatic shootout and its final faceoff in which John Wayne has to fight 3 armed men at once. Scenes like these prove how guns can provide great filmmaking.

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