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by Zachary Kinsler

Created 07/31/12

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Here is a little list I came to of my favorite criterion's that I have seen. You may notice some I don't own pop up on this list, that's because I frequent my local library to check out the criterions they have and am always satisfied. This list was incredibly hard to make due to the fact that I haven't seen many more than 10 Criterion films outside of the 32 I own (at the time I am making this list). I chose these films based on how they entertained me, how they challenged me, and how much they made me realize. I was surprised to see how many romantic movies showed up on my list, goes to show we all may have a submerged amatory sweet tooth when it comes to movie watching. I hope you enjoy my list! Don't be shy as to recommend me anything!
Edit: I feel like doing an updated top ten once this list reaches a year old.

  • This movie was the second I saw of Truffaut after The 400 Blows, and I ended up enjoying this one more probably because of what I stated in my introduction, it satisfied my tender amatory sweet tooth and built it up rock hard. I fear few romantic films will have a great impact on me now. Jules and Jim delivers everything I could have wanted from a romantic film; heartbreak, hesitant hearts, impulsive decisions, constant uncertainty. I fell in love with this movie as I watched Jules and Jim fall for Catherine over and over again.

  • It was so easy to appreciate Kurosawa after seeing this film. Knowing it was his first, seeing that he knew what he was doing, it made for such an enjoyable experience.

  • A film that both challenges you and entertains you. You have a story that walks the earth, anyone of enjoys storytelling can appreciate. Then you have that story going into the dirt, exploring ideas and perspectives ant taking you along for the ride. Sitting and watching The Seventh Seal is a experience any film go-er or at least film enthusiast should experience.

  • This movie has been a favorite of mine for a while now. It's definitely my favorite Kevin Smith film, who I enjoy all his films. This is, as many of you know, his movie with the most heart. Kevin gives you a film disguised as a potty mouthed romance, that's shows its true colors; friendship, wit, honesty, betrayal. Mr. Smith proved that hes not just dick an fart jokes, that on top of his clever dialogue he can create a story very close to ones heart.

  • One of my first Criterion purchases and easily one of the most bizarre. Back when it was filmed, House was considered a haunted house comedy, not the psychedelic horror film it has morphed into. This picture is pure eye candy and is filled with disturbing images and is wrapped up with an awesome story line.


  • I, like many others, first heard of Van Sant from Good Will Hunting, and I dare say that it still holds the title of my favorite movie of his. However, My Own Private Idaho pulled me in because of it abnormal story line and its aypical way of telling it. Idaho blended theater expressions with lower class lifestyle habits, making for a very interesting and touching story.

  • Amarcord is extremely entertaining. It almost seems like Fellini is fighting the viewer, I say that because only in Amarcord (please note - the only other Fellini I've seen is 8 1/2) have I felt that Fellini explores sexual and realist postures to such an extreme.

  • Another romantic movie that makes my heart ache. Godard has those long shots that last for minutes without changing which allows us to see where the actors are taking it.

  • When you read the booklet for this film, it causes you to appreciate the film that much more. If you dont plan on reading the booklet before you watch this film, take this into consideration: if the film seems difficult to understand know that you don't have to try extremely hard to peice together a puzzle that's already been completed. Let your imagination help you through the obstacles you feel Resnais / Robbe-Grillet lay in front of you. This movie can be an extremely rewarding experience, you just need to let it be.

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