Titles I'm Glad are in the Collection...

by Drew Phillips

Created 07/29/12

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...even though some aren't too glad.

My initial plan was to make a list of the titles I disliked the most, but you can't really do a 1 film list...

So here's my positive spin on it. Some people don't like these films and may wonder why they're represented by Criterion, but I am proud to see them get the attention they respectively deserve.

  • Let me start off by stating that I did not personally enjoy this film. But I can clearly see why others do and I can clearly see talent in Dunham as a filmmaker (as a writer/actress.....well...) and though it isn't the strongest of debuts, it's highly notable. The single most modern film in the collection. Cheers.

  • Having seen this in theatres, I was overjoyed to see this come out via Criterion (after the initial anger that came with having to upgrade the Fox dvd I had just purchased a few days earlier). This is my 2nd Favorite Anderson film (behind Tenenbaums, in case you were wondering) and I guess in general people give him a hard time and dislike his style, but even Anderson's fans appear to not have grasped hold of this film and many are still considering whether or not it is "Criterion Worthy" - one of the worst phrases out there.

  • I guess only people who dislike the Beastie Boys dislike this set. I think that if they played with it they would see how much fun it really is! One of my favorite releases (and I'm honestly not a big BB fan) and extremely inventive for the time of it's release

  • The harsh violence, torture, both physically and sexually, and disturbing imagery have been putting people off of this film so strongly over the years that Pasolini may have been killed for it (the verdict still isn't out). I was very disturbed by this film but thought it was very good. It was the only way they could have gotten across such a story effectively. Criterion has saved this film from being labeled as just another gore/torture porn bootleg and released it masterfully. Thank you Criterion, for fucking us up!

  • Okay, here's where we get a little sticky; Michael Bay. While his most recent efforts have their own rung in hell, and his editors all have ADHD and his cliched scripts bring almost nothing to the table, his wizz-bang big budget high octane, blow-shit up style works perfectly for the Rock. The cast is great and vast, with great performances from not only the great main three of the picture (Connery, Cage and Harris) but also the supporting players, specifically William Forsythe and John C. McGinley. I may be the first ever to say this, but I find the script to probably be the best Bay has ever touched. The fact that the villain is actually doing what he's doing for a noble cause (and that he's only bluffing) and that our main hero is basically James Bond, years later. The dialogue isn't perfect by a long shot, but eh. If you went into to see any old action flick, and saw this, you would be a little more than pleasantly surprised. For an action film of it's caliber, it's at the top of the heat. You can also pick it up for a dollar used, so that's a win.

  • Guns, girls, violence, acid, stop-motion, blood and profanities aren't the ideal when thinking of a Criterion title, but this film is much more than that. Much has been said about this film, and I think people are finally seeing it for what it truly is. Check out Dorph/David's list "Artistic Films Everyone Likes" for more!

  • It seems a lot of people like to rip on modern dry comedies. A lot took the pedophilia bits very hard. Knowing nothing about this film when I saw it, it was really something very special. Very interesting characters portrayed perfectly by a great ensemble cast, and a great satire on current life styles and taboos.

  • Some don't like Kevin Smith, some don't like Joey Lauren Adams('s voice), some don't like Ben Affleck, and some just down right hate all of them. Now, personally, I'm a great fan of Smith (at least in the 90's) and I can say without a doubt that this is his best film to date. Once again a film that touches on taboos (of sexuality this time) and triumphs wonderfully. Jason Lee is fantastic, the script his hilarious and engaging and I couldn't be happier to see it in the collection. I'm also glad it's back in print after those few months it was OOP (?)....what was with that anyway?

  • Most people see this rare gem as a silly mess, something that was only released because it was done under the BBS banner. I was attracted to it initially by it's cast (Jack Nicholson and Orson Welles!) and really liked the story and the bits of her dreams with the magician. I will admit that it's all jumbled and Jaglom didn't have a clear vision of what he wanted to make, but you can't admit that this is not an important piece of cinema and in the right context, a very good film.

  • Both films, they're a pair. The biggest one that people go after is Dracula, but believe it or not that one's my favorite (and not for the lesbian incest). Yes the acting is horrible, yes there's copious amounts of nudity, yes it's campy, yes it's cheesy but by God is it a lot of fun! And, here's the kicker, there's a social message (heavily) laid in to both! Huzzah!

  • After seeing and loving Roeg's the Man Who Fell to Earth, I wanted to check this out, I mean the soundtrack and cast alone had me interested, but everyone I asked had some very strongly negative things to say about this film. I didn't know what they found in it so bad, and hey it was only $10, what could hurt? This movie packs a punch! A doomed love story and mystery rolled up tight and told through flashbacks, with some amazing songs and acting (Art is better than people give him credit for, but there's still much to be desired) and such a dark end, I couldn't help but fall in love with this movie! The disc is out standing, the booklet plentiful and insightful, and the film one of Roeg's best!

    (Also, thanks Jon for sending me the booklet!!!)

  • I hadn't heard anything about this movie other than Adam Ant was in it and it was from the first wave of punk rock in England. It was on my watchlist for a long time and I finally blind bought it and was blown away with what I saw. Very good, very fun, but you've got to know what you're getting into, or at least be open.

  • Believe it or not, there's some people out there who don't like this movie (Siskel & Ebert were among them), but thankfully I am not. It lures you in with a light hearted introduction and then pulls you into it's deep dark world. A great early work from Boyle and a film I can watch over and over again.

  • Even my first time around I really didn't like this movie. Such a slow story, card board characters, and silly monsters turned me off. But when I found it for the second time (on TCM of all places) I just had a ball! One of those films that you have to go along with or else will leave you behind.

  • Another one that people hated because of how far it went. Even to this day, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I'm pretty sure I liked it, haha. It does get very very graphic (worse than some things in Salo...) but the story it weaves and the performances make this one very interesting.

  • Sex, sex, sex, that's all they think about.....

    I think going into this expecting porn would really disappoint you honestly. And going in for high art would as well. Going for the ride and finding the odd political story being told, was very interesting. The whole legacy of the film as well is worth giving it a view and checking out the extras. Definitely, two important films.

  • Some people really don't like Godard. I got a lot of warnings before diving in. Oddly enough, Alphaville and Peirrot le fou, his two that get the most negative reviews and comments, are my two favorites. Weird. Can't wait for Week-End

  • I can really see why people don't like this movie. It's very very slow (something I'm not too big a fan of) and gets very strange. I enjoyed it though, for what it was

  • Can you believe this film has haters? I know! Oh well, to each his/her own.

  • I heard the craziest thing the other day. Some one was worried if Sunday Bloody Sunday would be worth picking up because "Schlesinger's Billy Liar was the worst film in the collection"! I disagree. Strongly. I think very very highly of this movie. It made me want to use a Dr. Zoidberg meme...

  • Not a good movie. Haha, by any means really. But it's pulpy as all get out and fun. This is the country club's horror film. I think it's fun to watch though.

  • My favorite from Whit Stillman, but his weakest to others. I thought this was a giant step up from Metropolis (good, but a simple film) and had much more to offer. And a killer soundtrack to boot

  • I saw this blind, picking it up at the library solely on the cast and Criterion release. I didn't really care too much for it the first time around, then I found it on TCM over the summer and fell in LOVE with it. Odd how that works. It was only after that that I discover the all out HATRED for this movie. How can that be? It's so fun and innocent!

  • You know what.....I can't even defend this one. You're on your own Big C, 'cause I'm at a loss for words why this got a release. Just crap.


  • By Dan D'Agostino
    August 01, 2012
    01:25 PM

    Great list! I think it is very fair that you spun it is a mixed list of "films I can see why they are in the Criterion Collection, even if I don't necessarily like em" and "why I like this film when others don't."
    • By Drew Phillips
      August 02, 2012
      04:00 PM

      Thanks a lot! I really liked your list as well, it was kind of my jumping off point