Criterion titles I'd like to own someday

by Jason Brice Stewart

Created 07/25/12

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I've had the opportunity to see a majority of these films by checking them out from my local public library system. It's called Pioneer. It's an amazing resource.

  • This is my favorite Bunuel film. It's hilarious. Surreal cinema at its best. The scene when the curtain rises and our group of diners find themselves in a theater and on stage is just great.

  • This might be my favorite Godard film. Anna Karina is so alluring and elusive in this role. I just love it. Belmondo is pretty awesome, too. This film has one of the most amazing quotes I've ever heard: "Words have the power to disperse the shadows from around the objects they name." Damn.

  • I knew nothing about this film before I watched it and was completely blown away. Very powerful, and, quite unexpectedly, very hopeful as well. The second time they show the gun hitting the water, I was profoundly moved.

  • This is one of the artiest, most soulful, heartfelt films I've ever seen. The city of Berlin just looks so devastated, so aching, so crushed by the past. Angels have never seemed so real. Or so sad, for that matter.

  • A spellbinding tone poem of a film that would be impenetrable if it weren't so hypnotic. The haunting, endlessly vast chateau, itself, is one of the great characters in high art cinema. A mystery for the ages.

  • Burt Lancaster was a towering presence on screen, and he was never more menacing than here. My god, some of these characters are so sinister and soulless, it almost makes you feel dirty. But oh, how sweet that is.

  • One of the most thought provoking films I've ever seen. What a simple idea, having a man fend off death by challenging him to a game of chess. But wow, how it pays off in heady, deeply human rewards. This film gets pretty dark, but Bergman's gigantic heart will see you through.

  • Another film I knew nothing about (other than the fact that Catherine Deneuve was in it and she's simply amazing) that completely blew me away. It's so well directed. It's a tale so well told. It's downright enchanting. Which is kind of funny because it's about a ridiculously dysfunctional family.

  • There's no need to waste your time with the American remake. It simply can not be compared to this film. This is a haunting psychological thriller. Just devestating. My, what an ending. Claustrophobes, beware.

  • This is my favorite of the Truffaut I've seen so far. Catherine Deneuve again. Oh, she's marvelous. This is just a really neat movie. This mirrors what actually happened to the cast and crew of Carne's Children of Paradise, so much so that I wonder if it's an homage.

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