Every Criterion I Haven't Seen

by Matthew G

Created 07/24/12

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That goddamned Olympics set.


  • By Jack Yarbrough
    July 30, 2012
    04:23 PM

    First The Tin Drum, and then all of By Brakhage.
    • By Matthew G
      August 01, 2012
      06:15 AM

      Thanks for the suggestions, you actually picked two of the titles I'm most looking forward to. I've had mixed feelings about Schlöndorff's other Criterion titles, but I've heard great things about Tin Drum.
  • By Michael M.
    September 19, 2012
    07:51 PM

    It seems like you've seen most of the Asian films. So you should watch Yi Yi, you'll like it.
    • By Matthew G
      September 24, 2012
      09:39 AM

      Funny you should mention Yi Yi - it's sitting on my shelf, as I bought it blind! I wanted to watch it on blu-ray and of course Netflix has stopped buying Criterion blus, so I just bought it during the B&N sale. Just waiting to carve out some time for it - I'm expecting to really love it.
    • By Matthew G
      February 03, 2013
      08:55 PM

      Just watched Yi Yi and I would say I liked it. I would say I liked it very much. I would even say it was one of the best movies I've ever seen.
  • By mallo
    October 06, 2012
    08:46 PM

    Good for you for boycotting Salo. Looks good on you! And I think you're going to love Vanya on 42nd Street. I vote you bump that up, would love to hear your comments.
    • By Matthew G
      October 28, 2012
      01:40 PM

      I'm going to disappoint you here and say I enjoyed Vanya but didn't love it. I'm not a big play guy, so it took some time for me to get into it. That said, the performances eventually drew me in, and I love the concept of the film and the way it was shot. Malle is one of my favorite filmmakers, so I'm glad I finally watched his swan song. As for Salo, I'll probably watch it eventually, I'm just really not looking forward to it, so I plan on putting it off as long as possible...
  • By David MacDonald
    October 09, 2012
    01:22 PM

    Head, Vanya on 42nd St, The Music Room, By Brakhage and Robinson Crusoe on Mars are the most essential ones on here to me. Head is especially awesome, I don't even know how many times I've watched it since I got the BBS set. It might be the most fun movie in the Criterion Collection.
  • By Clangfor
    October 16, 2012
    04:58 PM

    Robinson Crusoe on Mars is really cool, visually interesting. I would recommend Two-Lane Blacktop, a personal favourite of mine, it has this great mood about it, almost a zen, great film.
    • By Matthew G
      October 24, 2012
      10:17 AM

      I watched Robinson Crusoe on Mars last night and really enjoyed it - the visuals were simply stunning, especially for the pre-CGI era. Thanks to both of you for pushing it up my list - and I've got Vanya and Two-Lane next up, I think!
  • By Richard Noel
    January 15, 2013
    07:17 PM

    Watch By Brakhage and Science is Fiction. By Brakhage is damn amazing. Science Is Fiction is beautiful and is very reminiscent of the Jacques Cousteau. Both are damn good.
    • By Matthew G
      January 15, 2013
      08:09 PM

      Thanks for the suggestions. I am halfway through Science is Fiction and totally loving it - so weird and beautiful. I loved vol. 1 of By Brakhage, so vol 2 shoudl be right up my alley - and I like what I've seen of the Frampton set so far too. By the way, I highly approve of your choice of favorite film, A Woman is a Woman is spectacular, and might just be my favorite Godard as well.
  • By Craig J. Clark
    February 27, 2013
    12:04 PM

    I see Berlin Alexanderplatz is at the top of your list. I know it may seem daunting, but if you break it up over a few days you'll find it to be an infinitely rewarding experience.
    • By Matthew G
      February 28, 2013
      11:31 AM

      I just finished the epilogue, and I have to say... I really didn't understand the appeal of this movie. It's just so long and your time is spent with such an unlikable guy. I don't see the appeal. There were definitely a handful of episodes I enjoyed, but overall it just felt like a chore. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why you like it so much, because I do want to get a better perspective on it, since i really love some other Fassbinder.
  • By David Blakeslee
    March 15, 2013
    06:38 PM

    You haven't reviewed 8 1/2 yet?!?!?
    • By Matthew G
      March 15, 2013
      09:45 PM

      I've probably seen 8 1/2 at least 7 1/2 times, but I haven't watched it in 5 or 6 years so it just isn't one that's come up. In fact, most of my favorite Criterions are missing from my site, just because whenever I've had the chance to watch something I pick up something new. It's probably my favorite Fellini movie, though, and I'm sure eventually I will watch it and put up a review.

      I haven't finished your epic yet, but it's nice to see your New Year's resolution isn't holding up very well. :) I say the longer the better - especially when it comes to a towering classic like that!
  • By Eric Levy
    August 21, 2014
    12:43 PM

    Very impressive that you've seen so many Criterion title Matthew. Does that include Eclipse, Essential Art House, and Janus exclusive titles?
    • By Matthew G
      August 23, 2014
      10:42 PM

      It took quite a bit of time, but it was well worth it! I am focused on only the spine numbered films for now, but I do hope one day to see everything put out by the company, especially the Eclipse stuff and everything on the Hulu channel. If you're curious on my thoughts on some of them, I write about every movie I've watched since 2009 here: http://criteriononthebrain.blogspot.com/
    • By Eric Levy
      August 26, 2014
      01:28 PM

      Very cool. When you're ready to go beyond the spine numbers, a list I created might help.
    • By Eric Levy
      August 26, 2014
      01:30 PM

      Not sure why my links aren't working. Here's the list: http://www.criterion.com/lists/214597-spineless
  • By Eric Levy
    November 18, 2014
    08:19 AM

    Way to go getting though the Zatoichi box Matthew! Was it worth it?
    • By Matthew G
      November 20, 2014
      10:04 AM

      It's definitely a serious endeavor, but I enjoyed every one of them - they really are very entertaining. I wrote about each one on my blog, and I bolded the installments that are worth watching if you don't plan on seeing them all. http://criteriononthebrain.blogspot.com/2014/11/679-zatoichi-blind-swordsman.html If I had to narrow it down further, I would say the first one, Zatoichi's Pilgrimage, and Zatoichi Goes to the Fire Festival are absolutely must-see films. The rest of the series has moments of greatness, but is generally not on the level of the two latter films (and the first is a nice introduction).
  • By SkyAntoine
    February 24, 2017
    12:57 PM

    Oh yeah...well I've seen every Wes Anderson movie in the collection. Seriously...Mad props on this.