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  • By Mike
    December 22, 2012
    08:01 AM

    Well first of all Visconti I have come to realize is way under known and appreciated in the world of most cinephiles. Secondly, what a treat Le beau Serge was and ranks in my mind as being one of the better first films ever for a director. Truffaut's 400 Blows and Godard's Breathless would be considered for that title also of course Chabrol started the French New Wave and the rest followed. Third, Abbas Kiarostami should go down in history with the likes of Kurosawa and Bergman. Certified Copy was tremendous but wasnt apreciated by many. I think it will grow on people as the years go by. Juliette Binoche totally deserved that best actress award at Cannes! Fourth, after so many gay themed films that are not great (to be nice), miss the mark, or are only so so Andrew Haigh without a doubt got this one right. It is where many straight viewers need to start when watching queer cinema or when expanding their cinema viewing interests in general. Finally, two words Dardenne Brothers. And The Kid with a Bike could possibly rank as their best in my opinion. But than again I am bias I love whatever they do and Jeremie Renier is easily my favorite French actor. A great list you have here! Many I have seen and several I havent (but I have them all---just not enough time in the day). Nice to see so many Eclipse series on your list too.