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by orpheusfx

Created 07/17/12

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Lists are impossible. Regret is built into this type of endeavour. Pardon the omissions. Giving preference to films Criterion made available to this cinephile. Work-in-progress, (in)definitely.

  • Without *Sans Soleil*, where would cinema be? Where would I be? (When asked about film recommendations, which are few and far between these days, I immediately say, *Sans Soleil*, hoping to bewitch them with the title alone.) It's possible that Chris Marker's film-essay may be the template to some of my "creative work" (like my dissertation?) because of its themes of cinema, obsessions, and a desire for communication, among many other things. (When asked what it's about, I hesitate. "It's a love letter, you see" is how I begin my pitch. "And it's about many many things. You just got to see it for yourself." Thus far, I have convinced no one. Their loss. It'll be our secret.)

    Everyone should create a *Sans Soleil*-like work in the medium of their choice.

  • For an armchair revolutionary, this is as close as I'll get to actual fire.

  • Innocence.

  • She talks to herself about having friends. This was before Facebook.

  • Hits home for this ex-Catholic made by a crypto-Catholic. When light enters the room, I really want to believe in the concept of the soul but I only have cinema...

  • The French title is better: Sans toit ni loi. During a talk, Varda intimated that some of the protagonist's experiences are her own. This movie scares me.

  • Electric youth. Wong's nostalgia is also mine, especially when Faye Wong starts singing. Takeshi Kaneshiro, will you marry me?

  • The nonsense of linear narrativity. Nothing is real, everything else is.

  • So caustic, it'll burn your flesh.

  • Performance of a lifetime. I felt I lived her life.

  • The trick is where to put the camera and for how long. Mizoguchi has no peer when it comes to this.

  • She starts dancing and the old man ends up croaking. Nutso fabuloso. Is this cinema or is it critique?

  • Nothing shocks me as the loss of faith, especially mine, which is unending.

  • Espectacular. This is how you do a thriller.

  • On geopolitical and carnal (in)sovereignty.

  • Trust me, this is a masterpiece.

  • Alienation and cinephilia. That right there is my autobiography. Years ago, I thought the film was a thing of beauty. Don't know now.

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