Movies/Series that leave you thinking

by BrandonB1667

Created 11/06/17

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The ultimate goal of any piece of cinema or television is to leave you thinking. These did just that.

  • The first episode started slowly...and then within minutes, you see the main protagonist Franz murder his wife, get out of jail, force himself upon his now-deceased wife's sister— and somehow you don't hate him. There is a strange naivety, a brutish nature just barely concealing it, within the main character. You don't root for him, but you don't root against him. You just watch.

    Things unfold and grow and get depressing, uplifting and then even more depressing. There are elements to this I will think about for a long time. Classic Fassbinder. Some days, I am walking around the city I live in and hear its sounds. I try to place myself in Franz's place in history, in Germany's history. It is a deep context to ponder.

  • Desperation. When I think of Cosmo Vittelli, that is the main word that comes to mind. Initially, that wasn't the case. I thought of Cosmo as hard-working, flawed, resourceful and funny, but not desperate. Pondering this film for days after I saw it, I came to the conclusion that Cosmo was not a man stuck between a rock and a hard place, but a man driven by his appetites and desperation to a place there was only one way out of.

    Initially I was annoyed at the film's ending. The uncertainty of Cosmo's fate. Now, I think it is perfectly fitting and really the only way to leave a man like Cosmo: as an imperfect loose-end, a man with a questionable future. Stunning film.

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