Not on FilmStruck - In Print Blu-rays

by quaflam

Created 11/05/17

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This is my attempt at compiling a list of in-print Blu-rays that aren't available on FilmStruck.

However much I love the crystal-clear Blu-ray releases, it can be expensive to own every one of my favorite films on a physical release. Even more so considering many of them are available to stream on the great FilmStruck service. I've made this list to help me out with blind-buys, so that I know what films I could only see on physical release.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep this perfectly up to date, so if you're using this for help with blind-buys, consider double checking on the app before you do anything crazy.

Ordered by spine number. (Other than the first two, Brazil and Salo, which are switched because I feel that Salo's cover art might be a bit too disturbing)

Updated up to spine #600 as of 12:00 AM, 5 November 2017

Updated #601 to #800 9:00 PM, 16 December 2017. Movies that left from #1 to #600 in the past month probably haven't been accounted for. I'll plan better for this month, and hopefully resolve some of my errors.

Now "fully updated" to #904 as of 25 December 2017. We'll see how good of a job I do keeping this up to date. I'm sure there have been some changes that I've missed since the original November update, but I should be able to correct these over time. It sort of seems like some movies are going to be available indefinitely, while a lot of these movies are either going to spend a month on the service and then be taken off, or never end up on there at all.

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