My Top 46 Films on Criterion

by Davinci

Created 07/12/12

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Just some of my favorite films on the criterion collection in order.
If you interested in a full list go here:

  • My favorite movie of all time, this Italian masterpiece is both visually enticing and significant, and mentally stimulating. though the film is so much more meaningful if you know the story behind it!

  • I love Ingmar Bergman, and this film is a testimony to his own childhood. This is a hell of a powerful film and provides electrifying performances and perfect dialogues. the sequences where Emilie is screaming, is probably one of the best executed sequences in all of film history.

  • Just fantastic. Kurosawa is a master a creating multi-layered dramas and this is his masterpiece. Seven Samuari is one of the most influential films of all time and will hopefully always be cherished.

  • A absolutely beautiful film, the correlation between social change and romance is clear through the comparison of characters and events.

  • Fritz lang is a character in this film. Enough said.

  • Every time I watch this film my heart just into my through and I am on the complete edge. Truffant has created such a powerful films time in and out, but in my opinion this is the most close we will ever get to him in film form.

  • Dark and mysterious yet humorous and binding, if Bergman is not the Shakespeare of film than there is none. It's hard to believe this film came out in 58' when it is so stylistic in design and concrete in concept. Probably one of the best endings of all time.

  • Fellini's Amarcord is yet another refection of his own character. Rumored to represent his childhood, Amarcord is lighthearted, yet it deals with sexuality in a very overt fashion.

  • One of Lang's many masterpieces, M is ahead of its time today. The masterful plot and powerful performance by Peter Lorre is exceptional!

  • Playing chess with death. What could be better?

  • The first time I saw this film, It reminded me of the classic "The Portrait of Dorian Grey" which came out ten years previous. Both films exemplify such powerful villainous characterful. Good stuff.

  • Why Solaris?
    Tarkovsky genius execution.
    Contemporary si-fi.
    Undisputed visual style.

  • I love the little Pu-Yi. Bertolucci may be most for the erotic "Last Tango in Paris", but in my mind he I will always cherish "the last emperor" and "the conformist" as modern classics.

  • Probably the most beautiful film. Ever.

  • "Melville had done it again" is what I exclaimed (to myself) whist watching this film. No other directer has constantly use a formal for his own films that has developed so throughly.

  • MASTERPEICE. Tarkovsky should have taken over the world with this film. the only reason it not higher is because I forgot to type it in until this point.

  • I cried. And lets be honest, if you don't cry at the end of this film you have no soul.

  • I love love love these films. There easy to watch, pleasing to the eye and encompass the best of simplicity in film-making. Yet each film is important to its own individuality, and all are representative of the french state of being.

  • It will take your breath away.

  • If you haven't seen any Kiarostami, then get off you computer and RENT THIS FILM. My mind was blow, as alwase with kiarostami films, but this is his most accessible film due to the lovely Juliette Binoche.

  • This is a hard film not to compare to "the 400 blows" because both deal with french youth at difficult point in history. This film is more so about the interaction between to young boys and there abrupt friendship.

  • If you believe that Stanley Kubrick is a god for bring the film rendition of "A Clockwork Orange" into the world you obviously have not seen "If...". More contrariety, more significance, more awesomeness.

  • Melville at it again!

  • While this could possibly be the film with the longest cuts ever, ot is also more than just fiction. it follows a real man, playing himself in this almost-documentary.

  • The man who Hijacked the World. Why not?

  • At it again Mellville?

  • Bam Bam Bam. this is not a film. this is and eulogy to those who gave their life to give birth to modern resistance, whither it be good or bad.

  • It will be a long journey with very few cuts and very little dialogue, but is worth it.

  • Not enough people give this film a chance before deeming this film trash. While you may be immediately uncomfortable with what you experience, what Trier is trying to convey is far more important that what is simply seen.

  • Hunger in one on the most importance films of the 21 century thus far.
    Visual Style
    Historical Significance
    Just damn powerful.

  • Classic at its best.

  • Who said a story couldn't be told through the experiences of an animal?

  • The first western. Period.

  • I have never laughed so hard at a film lacking color.

  • Spielberg should not be giving all the credit four incorporating color into a black and white film.

  • Impressionism!

  • Croningberg is weird. Who inst?

  • Fun Fun Fun. If dry humor became more popular the world would become more sophisticated.

  • I think there this is not much to say about this film. But I will say this: do not watch this film with your grandmother.

  • Cronenberg is weird.

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